Tantra is a great gift to the human being .It is truly the link between sexuality, love and sacredness. Through the practice of Tantra we awaken to the truth that our sexual potential is limitless. Tantra helps to dissolve boundaries and unite us with our true nature in the most divine and intimate ways.The ultimate goal of Tantra is complete Union with the Divine, through the awakening of Kundalini Shakti we may experience the conciousness of oneness.

The origin of the word means to weave which mirrors the interconnected Universe.Tantra is always returning us to this vision. Love, Transfiguration and masteryof energies are some of the fundamental keys in Tantric practice. As well we celebrate the attraction of polarities results in the marriage of spirit and matter, this dance of Shiva and Shakti merging as one. This wholeness, this sacred union is Tantra.

Working with our sexual energy is a key to our health and longevity.This energy is clearly affecting our emotional states, capable of clearing blockages, experience deep transformations, powerful healings and especially welcomes us to experience very high states of consciousness. Through Tantra we can happily practice the secrets of spiritual eroticism bringing us to prolonged highly orgasmic states of bliss. Tantra teaches us the beauty of the implosive orgasms as well as awakening our multi orgasmic potential.Through orgasm we enter into mystical states tasting the sweetest nectar of divine ecstasy. This is our opportunity to move beyond our ego and our minds to experience supreme awareness and bliss.

Focusing on powerful techniques of energy sublimation we master control over our energies. Tantra teaches us to accept ourselves and others and to know we will find liberation through love. Tantra embraces all that is natural and connects us with the cosmic Universal energies. Through Tantra you become One with the other and with the very cosmos itself. To experience the pleasures of love fearlessly for the sake of liberation.


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