Shakti is a Sanskrit word for energy, force of nature and feminine power. Shakti is an expression of the Divine Feminine.Shakti is the very force of all living beings.

Embrace and Awaken the Sacred Essence of your Inner Woman. It is time to dance in the poetry of your Feminine nature.

It is such a precious gift to have a human birth in a Female body. Shakti is gifted with the ability to awaken the subtle channels in her body very easily bringing her joyously into elevated states of consciousness.

Through the Celebration of our Shakti nature we can bring so much healing and transformation to the planet. By acknowledging the our Shakti nature we realign with divinity and connect with the ancient Goddess Wisdom alive in every Woman. Women hold so much wisdom inside we need simply to open, listen and surrender to the mystery of the Divine Feminine- Shakti.


Inner Shakti Consulations available- $70 per hour