There are many varieties of Meditation techniques available to us. I find great value in both the practice of absolute stillness and silence as well as the practice of Mantra. For this reason I am commited both to my Hridaya Meditation Practice and To Japa Mantra.

Hridaya , is the Spiritual Heart, our ultimate nature, the ineffable dimension of our being. In the Yogic tradition we recognize the Spiritual Heart as the Supreme Self, Atman. Here we are speaking of the witness consciousness, that intimate observer of all our thoughts, actions, emotions, sensations, the mind and the entire Universe.


Through the practice of this meditation more subtle understandings about the significance of the Spiritual Heart shall be revealed. We experience a journey of the heart simply being an object of meditation, becoming a means of knowledge and eventually to reveal its true nature of that which we really are.

Meditation cultivates awareness moving us more frequently into stillness. With practice we experience the peace of mental void of sitting without our thoughts and mental agitations. An expansion and opening of love naturally occurs. The meditation of the Spiritual Heart allows us to move beyond our limitations of personality, our physical bodies, emotions, sensations and mind.


The teachings of Hridaya meditation are tools to guide us into the depth of our being. We are awakened to the potential of moving beyond duality to return to Sat-Chit-Ananda..Pure Existence, Pure Consciousness and Pure Bliss.


The practice of Japa Mantra is an ancient tool for awakening the higher intelligence within us. Mantras carry the primal sounds of the Universe. The mantra is a key that helps us tap into the vibratory pattern of the Universe. The repition of these mantras may also help us to get into reponance with certain energies such as a specific Goddess.


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