about samaveshayoga



Krista is a passionate Yogini who lives her life in devotion to the revelation of the Divine Mystery. She moves through the world with grace, enthusiasm and an open heart. She began practicing Yoga and Meditation over a decade and a half ago. These three themes have become a key in her lifelong path.Throughout this time she has been blessed to have many incredible spiritual teachers.

She completed a three year study of "Integrated Energy Healing" with Langara College in 2005 which gave her a firm foundation in the field of Energy and Consciousness.

In 2006 she began her studies with Agama Yoga and lived at the school based in Thailand immersed in the yogic life for the majority of a five year span. Eventually she completed the 24 month Hatha and Kundalini Yoga program as well as advanced studies of Kashmir Shaivism. Living completely immersed in the yogic community was very inspiring and it really lit a very strong aspiration for spiritual sadhana.She then completed the 500hour Hridaya Yoga and Meditation teacher training with the lovely Sahajananada.

She began teaching Agama Yoga in 2008 and is thankful to be a channel for such sacred teachings.During these years in Thailand she was able to cultivate her expression of the Tantric Arts into pure beauty.She spent her final two seasons in Thailand holding the Shakti groups and rituals for the school and this has continued to evolve as a precious offering.She is devoted to the revelation of the Sacred feminine on the planet and loves to allow the expression of the Goddess to arise through her offerings. Her work with the Maha Vidyas has been one of the most precious pearls on her path and a constant source of inspiration.

She is thankful for her intimate friendship with silence and the gift of sitting in countless silent retreats.This most sacred journey within has been such a sanctuary for being.

She is now co-running a Yoga branch, teaching Tantra workshops, holding Silent Retreats, holding all sorts of Rituals and is dedicated to the sacred vision of empowering the Divine Feminine.

She loves to share the teachings that have brought her the deepest transformations in life. She feels truly blessed and is forever thankful for the amazing teachers in her life who have inspired her endlessly with love, support and wisdom.She continues to spend some time in India where she maintains her Tantric studies with the Tantric Master Guruji Rajkumar. She is dedicated to the Teaching of Prem Baba and is determined to Awaken Love.She is full of gratitude for all the above mentioned, her family, this precious Earth and our great mother Ganga.